Preparation/Field Study Development Notes

Literature Review Worksheet (Part 1, before class)

1. What are the key concepts you’ve dissected within your own question? List related search terms.
HIV, HIV Prevention, women, the culture in India, social issues

2. What additional key terms and concepts have you discovered in the literature?
Sex workers, HIV stigma, socioeconomic support

3. What discipline or disciplines are your sources based within?
Public Health, Infectious Disease, Physicians/Medicine, Social Science

4. What are some of the concepts that your sources generally agree on (underlying assumptions)?
India has a one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world
Sex workers are one of the biggest reasons why HIV is a problem within India. With a 40% infection rate they are generally found as the source for infection even among women who are married.
Women who are faithful to their husbands are being infected by their husbands

5. Are there particular scholars or sources that seem to be referenced frequently in what you’ve read so far?

6. What need is there for further research in the academic discussion? In other words, where are the gaps?
Is it a problem specifically in southern India?
What are the most popular methods of prevention?
-Are there other options for prevention?