Time Log

Jan. 3:   30min Blog Set up
                20 min-researching Shanti Ashram
                10min-looking up India Geography
Jan. 5: 50min-class

Jan. 7:   60min-Reading
                30min-research on possible topics
                30min-Finishing contacting letters of recommendation/application

Jan. 8:   30min-25 Questions
                45 min-Reading

Jan. 10: 30min Research Question
                15 min-reviewing travel dates

Jan. 11: 90 min-Develop research question and post notes
                30min-language prep

Jan. 12: 60min-Language study
                45 min-Reading
                15 min-looking for book for lit review

Jan. 17: 90min-Research/Analysis

Jan. 18: 45 min-“Future of Mankind”

Jan. 19: 60min-language study
                60min-Research (Annotated Sources)

Jan. 21: 60min-Reading
                60min-Research (Annotated Sources)

Jan. 24-50min-class

Jan. 25: 60min-Research (Annotated Sources)
                30min- “Future of Mankind”

Jan. 26: 60min- Language Study

Jan. 27: 60min-Lit Review

Jan. 28: 50min-class

Jan. 29: 60min-Reading
                20 min-Little Teresa

JANUARY TOTAL:  1735 min

Feb. 1:  45 min-Reading
Feb 1:   60min-Raffa Raffa

Feb2:     60min-language study

Feb 3:    40min-Interview

Feb.4: 50min-class

Feb. 5: 30 min-Scholarship essays
Feb. 6: 60min-Reading
                15 min-Note Taking/Observation
                60min-“Future of Mankind”

Feb. 7-50min-class

Feb. 8: 30min-language practice
                45 min-Gandhi
                15 min-Note Taking/Observation

Feb. 9: 60min- Language Study
                15 min- Note Taking/Observation

Feb. 10: 15 min-Note Taking/Observation
                30 min-language practice
                15 min-Visa info

Feb. 12: 60min-Project Proposal
                30 min-language

Feb. 14: 30min- Tutorial Certificate

Feb. 15: 60min-Project Proposal
Feb. 16: 90 min-Language and Culture Study
                30min-Scholarship Essay

Feb. 18: 30 min-Project Proposal

Feb. 19: 60min-Researching Project
                30 min-Gandhi
                45 min-Reading

Feb. 22: 60min-Blog update/upkeep
                60min- Finish up scholarship app.
Feb. 23: 30min-Reading
                60min-Met with Advisor

Feb. 25: 60min-Reading


Feb. 28 -60 min: reading homework
                60min: language study
Mar. 1- 120min: IRB Proposal
Mar. 2-50 minutes: class
                60min: reading homework
Mar. 3-60min: language study

Mar. 4: 30min: read Gandhi
60min: A movie in Tamil
                30 min: talking to previous field study students in India

Mar. 5: 60min: IRB proposal
                60min: class readings

Mar. 7: 45 minutes:  reading
                50minues: class
                60min : course contracts

Mar. 9: 50 minutes: class
                60min:  Proposal

Mar. 11 60min: course contracts
                20 minutes: watched documentary about polygamy

Mar. 14: 90min: Met with mentor
                50 minutes: Inquiry Conference
                120min: IRB Proposal

Mar. 15: 60min: IRB Proposal

Mar. 16 60min: Met with mentor
                50minutes: Inquiry Conference
                60min: Language study

Mar. 18: 60min: Met with Ashley
                120min: IRB Proposal

Mar. 19: 180min: IRB Proposal

Mar. 21: 60min: Proposal
                30min: Met with Mentor
                50min: class

Mar. 23: 50 min: class
                60min: Project Proposal
                30min: reading

Mar. 24: 60min: Project Proposal

Mar. 25: 50 min: class
                60min: Reading Gandhi

Mar. 28: 50min: class
                60min: reading Gandhi/new article
                30min: letter to Shanti Ashram

Mar. 30: 50 min: class
                60min:  Reading Gandhi
                30min: Visa requirements/apply

April 1: 50 min: class
                60min: Readings
                60min: research money/how to travel/budgeting/etc

April 4: 50 min: class
                120min: Project Proposal

April 6: 50 min: class
                60min: Presentation Prep
                30 min: met with mentor
                120min: Project Proposal

April 8: 50 min: class
                120min: Project Proposal

April 11: 50 min: class
                45 min: reading
                30min: airplane ticket

April 13: 50 min: class
                60min: Online Portfolio

Total: 3580 min

Grand Total: 7185 min